Portable And Lightweight Convenience For Those Who Need To Carry Oxygen At All Times

small oxygen concentrator

Those who need to carry a life’s supply of oxygen with them at all times are usually quite ill or suffering from long-term diseases, curable or incurable. But the good news for those of you who need to be on life support is that you do not need to be bedridden or immobile within your home. Large, heavy oxygen tanks have come and gone and have had their day. They have all been replaced by a rather small oxygen concentrator (in comparison to the older oxygen tanks now being made redundant). Small oxygen concentrators are portable and quite light in weight.

You can already see where this note is going. On most occasions, those who are ill are always trying to catch their breath. Now that they have the opportunity to carry on with life in as normal a way as possible, they no longer need to be gasping for oxygen. Having to carry or pull heavy instruments is also something of a challenge for sick folks who are muscularly weak at best. Strapping a portable concentrator, barely the size of a traditional camera, over their shoulder surely does nothing in impairing their ability to be mobile without any effort.

Laboratories have been able to manufacture what is being described as the best oxygen concentrators available to the health services industries today. These concentrators allow patients to be effective in their much needed oxygen therapies while remaining mobile. There are no impediments to do with necessary traveling and the use of space. Technologies have also been developed to allow users to keep these devices on their person, or close to them, whilst sleeping. There is a minute pulse flow monitor installed to alert users for when oxygen needs to be replenished.