There Are Other Ladders Besides Dock Ladders

Those readers who are cynical and pretty much take life for granted, always relying on others to do their paint jobs and fixing up their roofs, never having had to mount a ladder in their lives would just go ahead and say; well, you don’t say. Of course there are other ladders besides dock ladders. For goodness’s sake, how else would a guy be able to fetch a small frightened kitten trapped high in the branches of a tree?

aluminum dock ladders

Of course, they would not have dared to climb the ladder and fetch the small cat down on their own. That’s usually a job for the firemen and women who rush to the aid of little old ladies crying out for help, to help them fetch their little kitties down from the trees’ highest branches. Of course, firemen and women need smart, strong and tall ladders for that job. They’re using sturdy but lightweight aluminum dock ladders to pull off these feats.

Men and women on fishing boats and their own yachts will be using much shorter aluminum dock ladders on the shaking, moving decks of their crafts. These ladders are much shorter than the ones the fire emergency workers will be using but they are as sturdy, strong and unbreakable. These ladders can be used on the home front as well because they are portably convenient. When the ladder is no longer needed, it can simply be folded up and packed away in the storeroom or garage until it’s needed at another time.

Speaking of cats then, there are even special ladders being built for domestic pets, dogs included, to use as well, would you believe. And special, lightweight aluminum ladders are being utilized for special folks with special needs too.